Amplifier & Software

The voltage range of biological signals does typically not exceed the mV-area. However, in order to process the signal data properly, they need to be amplified. Also when looking at a live EMG, the monitor needs higher voltages to show a clear EMG. Therefore amplifiers play an essential role in biosginal measurement. The menu navigation of the amplifier software by Nicolet Viking Quest is explained beneath:


  • Switch on EMG amplifier and Start EMG software Viking Quest and click on Patients


  • Add a new patient (data is saved with ID-name)


  • Choose Multichannel Measurement MMP (a)
  • If EMG channels have already been set up and saved, double-click on the template.
  • If no template has been set up yet, follow the steps below
    • Click on Edit (1)
    • No password is required, so click OK (2)
    • Add new settings (3)
    • Type description for settings and click OK. (4)
    • The recording window will open (see next step)


  • Go to settings and click Settings.


  • Click Tracks and Amplifier


  • Set four of the eight channels to Override (The channels can be chosen by using the scrolling unit of the Viking System)
    • Click Track Mode (1)
    • Choose Override / Set values correctly (2)
      • Highpass, Lowpass, Amplifier, Time
      • The HP of Thermistor and Thorax Belt should be set to 0,1 Hz, but this is not possible with the used version)
    • Close Track Mode
    • Check if the order of the channels is correct:
      • Ch1 EMG,
      • Ch2 Microphone,
      • Ch3 Thorax Belt,
      • Ch4 Thermistor


  • Save the settings!

save tracksettings

  • Before starting the measurement activate the button Export Data in the footer in order to enable data saving!!! …


  • …and check whether the 50Hz-Filter is switched on (activate it if not)
    • Go to Settings and Basic Settings (1)
    • Choose Amplifier Settings (2)
    • Add the 50 Hz Filter (3)
    • Click Use it (4)
    • Click NLG/EMG/MMP (5)


  • Switch back to the EMG recording window (blue ecg screen-sign on the top)
  • Start the measurement
  • Data is exported as .wav-file in a folder of the software.

More amplifiers with software are available from Medelec Synergy and Nihon Kohden.