Needle ElectrodesNeedle_Electrodes

Transcutaneous LEMG is a popular method for conducting LEMG. For its application bipolar needle electrodes are used. [More Information]





Hooked Wire ElectrodesHookedWire_Electrode

For transoral LEMG application, hooked wire electrodes are used. [More Information]






Needle_for_BotoxInjectionBotox Electrode

Botox can be injected as temporary therapy for vocal fold paralysis. For application, a syringe is connected to the monopolar needle.




Surface ElectrodesSurface_Electrode

For Botox Injection, LEMG is useful for finding the correct needle position. However, botox needles are monopolar and need a surface electrode – placed behind the ear or onto the clavicle – as reference. [More Information]



Earth ElectrodeEarth Electrode

For all LEMG application methods, it is necessary to use an earth electrode which can be wrapped around the wrist.